A place of Hope: Camillus House


Miami – Away from the city buzz and congestions, around 4000 people are experiencing homelessness. Some live under highways, some improvised a sleeping space on the streets away from Miami’s skyscrapers. Some stay in groups, and some wonder on their own with very little belongings. While this is a continuous and critical problem, Camillus House brings hope for those in need.

Bryan and Elving at Career Center at Camillus House

Camillus House was founded in 1960 as a response to the Cuban refugee crisis. The initial goal was to offer warm meals, and throughout the time it evolved Continue reading “A place of Hope: Camillus House”


In the shades of Miami’s skyscrapers

MIAMI – When the sun climbs in the sky, and only lost clouds pass through, the tall, glassy buildings reflect a rich image of Miami. One can only think then of beach or pool party, perhaps even an escape with the yacht away from the city.
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