A place of Hope: Camillus House


Miami – Away from the city buzz and congestions, around 4000 people are experiencing homelessness. Some live under highways, some improvised a sleeping space on the streets away from Miami’s skyscrapers. Some stay in groups, and some wonder on their own with very little belongings. While this is a continuous and critical problem, Camillus House brings hope for those in need.

Bryan and Elving at Career Center at Camillus House

Camillus House was founded in 1960 as a response to the Cuban refugee crisis. The initial goal was to offer warm meals, and throughout the time it evolved Continue reading “A place of Hope: Camillus House”


In the shades of Miami’s skyscrapers

MIAMI – When the sun climbs in the sky, and only lost clouds pass through, the tall, glassy buildings reflect a rich image of Miami. One can only think then of beach or pool party, perhaps even an escape with the yacht away from the city.
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All kinds of fireworks

FireworksMIAMI – The 4th of July, 2016 was welcomed by Miamians for two reasons: extended weekend and celebration of their patriotism. Many people have stocked their firecrackers supply in the previous months waiting impatiently for this day. Continue reading “All kinds of fireworks”


You got it!

buffer-1143491_960_720The professor called my classmate’s name and invited her to present her research study. She walked behind the lectern and placed her papers on the stand.

I looked at her and furrowed my brows. As her high-pitched voice filled the classroom, I muted her in my head. I watched her big hand gestures and rolled my eyes. Continue reading “You got it!”


Idea of love

ring-1167513_960_720Emilia stood by the window looking outside. Hamid sat on the floor among the ripped pictures of them. The evening’s darkness surrounded them. The only light in the room came from the cars passing on the street and the flickering lamp in the corner of the living room. Continue reading “Idea of love”


The salad

salad-1199720_1920.jpgI walked toward the north end of the campus. For my last day of Spring semester 2016 at the south campus of Florida International University in Miami, I wanted to have a healthy salad for lunch. The Salad Creations was my option for vegetarian food.

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