Photoshop or Photoproduction?

IMG_0793While skimming through a magazine, one very rarely wonders the work process behind the tangible product. The journey behind it is somewhat harsh and yet fulfilling once you reached the finish line.

The following example taught me that the editing process of a magazine’s cover can be ambiguous and requires much attention to detail. I will briefly describe the steps that I took to transform a fairly average picture into a cover.

  1. Of course, take the picture first.
  2. Working with exposure, vibration, and other adjustments tools, you can correct the colors as natural as possible or as extravagant as you need.
  3. Select the object from the picture, in my case the man.
    1. a. I used the select mask tool because, in this case, it gave much more control over the picture versus using  Lasso or other selection tools. Given the fact that the background was bright but not uniform, a selection tool confused the pixels a lot and it took me a lot of frustration until I discovered how to work with masks. I absolutely recommend to try it, there are plenty of youtube tutorials on how to do it.
    2. .b. I used the eraser tool to soften the edges and erase any pixels of the background that remained.
    3. c. Once you have selected your object, you can copy it or cut it and paste it into the background that you have prepared in a different photoshop document.
  4. Separately, create a new document with the necessary size. In my case 8X11.
    1. a. Working with the gradient tool, you can create an amazing background based on your needs. There are several features available, plus you can create new ones as I did.
    2. b. Play around with this tool until you get the expected result. Ana Maria Toaca - Magazine cover 1
  5. Paste the object from the first document to the background document on a new layer. Make sure it contrasts well with the background and you get the effect you want, otherwise, repeat step 4.
  6. In my case, I also copied the mask, the white halo-like line around the man’s figure, because I wanted to emphasize that somehow society would perceive him as out of the norm.
  7. Miming the Time magazine cover, I created the red frame from canvas size tool.
  8. The text is easy to insert through the text tool, and easy to adjust if the text layer is transformed in smart object layer. The text color, typeface and other variations are available in the text menu.
  9. Finally, when you feel confident that you have achieved the result you wanted, you can export the document as a JPEG or PDF. Other formats are available.

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